Our multi-week courses allow for an in-depth exploration of discrete topics and techniques related to mindfulness and contemplative practice.  Each course incorporates a variety of instructional and practice methods such as sitting and walking meditation, journaling, lectures, group sharing, Q&A sessions, and home practice.  Explore our diverse range of course topics, dates, times, and formats below to find the one that is right for you. 

In Person and Live Online Courses

Online Courses

Becoming Present:
From Auto-Pilot to Aware

Whether you are looking to reduce stress, create a better team dynamic at work, communicate more effectively, or are just curious about what mindfulness is and how it might benefit you ... this course is for you!
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7 Day Mindfulness Challenge

We invite you to make a seven day commitment to this course and see what arises! The only moment we have is now so let's learn how to engage with the present moment and live with intention.
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Signature Courses


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Courses (MBSR)

Our signature MBSR course provides tools for cultivating greater mindfulness in your day-to-day life, helping you to respond more effectively to life’s challenges and better manage stress and pain. We offer day and evening courses at our West Hartford campus and a evening course in the spring at our shoreline campus in Madison, CT.


Living Presence: A Mindfulness & Resilience Immersion

Explore how to ease suffering and cultivate lasting contentment, equanimity, healing and resilience in this experiential course of study and practice built upon the core contemplative values of Copper Beech Institute.

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Working with Strong Emotions: Right Now, It's Like This

Explore creating deep friendship with yourself by finding the sacred middle place where both joy and sorrow have a home.


Buddhism 101: Happiness Is an Inside Job

Explore the Buddha's preliminary teachings on generosity, virtue, compassion, and connection, and discover how these qualities have the power to ground us in a life of depth, meaning, connection, and joy.


The Undefended Heart

Learn how to cultivate great compassion for self and others that helps to reduce inner negative dialogue, bolster positive states of well-being, and improve emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships.


At Home in the Body

Explore embodied mindfulness practices using movement and breath.


The Ancient Art of T’ai Chi for Today
Mindfully Improving Balance, Energy, and Joint Mobility

T’ai chi and qigong are gaining great recognition in the area of Western medicine and in the areas of fitness and mental health. More than just a trend, t’ai chi integrates the body, mind, and spirit through movement and stationary practices.