Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos with Cashew Cheese


by Terry Walters

I love Mexican food, and while I do not usually crave spicy foods, I find many spicy Mexican dishes to be surprisingly cooling as well. Complete your menu by serving these burritos with Traditional Guacamole (CLEAN FOOD page 100) and Tofu Sour Cream (CLEAN FOOD page 104), topped with sautéed collard greens or chopped avocado and cilantro.


3             sweet potatoes or yams
½            cup corn, fresh or frozen
3             tablespoons lime juice
1 ½         cups cooked black beans
½            red onion, diced
1             large tomato, diced
8-10       soft corn tortillas
1 ½         cups prepared salsa
¼            cup chopped scallions


½             cup cashew pieces
¼             cup nutritional yeast
1             tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 400°F.

PREPARING SWEET POTATOES FOR BURRITOS: Place sweet potatoes on baking sheet or foil and bake 45 minutes or until soft. Remove from oven and cool.

PREPARING CASHEW CHEESE: In food processor, grind cashews to a fine meal. Add nutritional yeast and process briefly to combine. Add oil and process until you have a moist meal (do not overprocess or meal will become dough-like.) Set aside.

ASSEMBLING BURRITOS: Set oven to broil. Place corn in strainer. Bring 1 cup water to boil and pour over corn to blanch or thaw.

Peel sweet potatoes and mash with lime juice. Fold in black beans, onion and tomato. Spoon filling into center of each tortilla, roll up and place, seam side down in shallow casserole. Spoon salsa over top and broil 3 minutes. Remove from broiler, top with cashew cheese and corn and broil 2 more minutes, watching closely to keep cheese from burning. Remove from broiler, top with chopped scallions and serve.


Terry is the best-selling cookbook author of “Clean Food, “Clean Start,” and most recently, “Eat Clean, Live Well.” She is a James Beard Foundation Award finalist and recipient of the Nautilus Gold and Silver Book Awards. She is featured regularly on television and radio in print and Internet media, and is the author of the popular blog, Eat Clean, Live Well.  

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