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We are so blessed to receive countless letters and emails from our guests in gratitude for their time with us. We are humbled by their words and equally grateful for what emerges from their experiences while they are here on retreat, or in a course or workshop. So many share news of renewal, growth, healing, new friendships – or all of the above and more so, as we hear in the letter from Pam Curley below. We invite all our guests to return to Copper Beech Institute regularly, be it an annual visit or more frequently, as one place to call home on your life’s journey – and to share your experience with us and others here in Awaken Everyday. We also invite those who haven’t yet had the chance to join us with open arms.

– Brandon Nappi

Shenanigans in Mass.

Shenanigans in Mass.

Good morning, Brandon,

I have been meaning to contact you to tell you of the “deeper love” that came forth from our attendance at your “Cultivating a Deeper Love” retreat with Paula D’Arcy.

The gathering was purely divine in the way the group came together. Two coworkers and I blossomed into women who worshiped at church together, took yoga together, and finally ended up meeting two friends from Massachusetts in the Anam Cara room. When I found out that Anam Cara meant soul friends, I found it to be the perfect description of the friendship that followed. That’s just one of the joys we were able to take away from the retreat: soul friends.

As Paul D’Arcy stated, it is amazing what can happen when we collectively function at a level beyond just the boundaries of our small daily lives and connect to the grander, most infinite, soul presence of life itself.

We had one meeting with our new soul friends in Massachusetts and plan to meet again. Something happens when people meet on a level where ego is left at the door. When we remove that outer layer of tangible identity related to our accomplishments and the labels we decorate ourselves with at work and play, I have found that we go to a deeper place. It’s a place where competition ceases to exist and compassion overrides the need to be the best, the fastest, the smartest. The unveiling exposes the vulnerable and removes fears and insecurities in a way that joining a tennis club or social club just can’t touch.

So thank you for facilitating a wonderful retreat and helping us to plant the seeds of friendship. We gather with intention of peace and prayer, laughter and lifting each other up. It’s marvelous, as the attached pictures suggest. We reflected, we laughed, we went to an art museum, we shared meals and enjoyed some shenanigans! We all agreed the grounds, staff and food at Copper Beech Institute were instrumental in bringing the theme and group together.

Thanks for sharing the practice of mindfulness and gratitude and engaging your guests.

Pam Curley Secretary, Student Services Region 15 Middlebury, Connecticut

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