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What's the secret of maintaining an ongoing meditation practice?

by Amanda Votto

Amanda Votto: For me, there have been two main “secrets” to keeping an on-going meditation practice. The first is intention. I find that it is essential to have a deep connection with what brings us to the practice. This is not a “goal” by any means. It is an inner wisdom that comes from our most authentic self. It may perhaps be the intention to be present, to feel connection, for overall well-being, or to align with our truest self. This intention is a deep-seated knowing that we can call on when we come up against resistance to practice. When our intention is greater than our resistance, we are able to make choices and take action from an inspired place.

Working with resistance is my second secret for maintaining an on-going practice. There is not a single person that doesn’t encounter resistance in some form or another. The secret is to welcome it in and bring curiosity to our experience.  Mindfulness is all about accepting what is. If resistance is coming up, then we sit with it. Turning toward our experience of resistance with an attitude of curiosity and acceptance is incredibly powerful. We can bring our awareness to the physical sensations, emotions and thoughts that are present with resistance. I have found in my practice that resistance has been one of my greatest teachers and deserves the space to be investigated and worked with. Often beyond the resistance is fear and beyond the fear is where we touch our essence.

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