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Dueling Pianos at our 2017 Harvest Celebration event

Dueling Pianos at our 2017 Harvest Celebration event

An interview with Kara Sundlun, by Gabriela De Golia

“No matter your background, we’re all looking to have more meaning, to make life more fulfilling and less stressful. The only space I know where to do that is in the little moments.”

Kara Sundlun is very good at getting things done. An Emmy Award-winning television journalist for WFSB of CBS CT, she co-hosts the show Better Connecticut, is the mother of two, has published a book about her journey to find her father, and been the center of a national news story.

Her secret to staying centered amidst it all? Making each moment count.

“Even if you win the lottery, you’ll always have something to do: the dishes, the bed, etcetera. It’s about infusing it all with meaning. Even if you’re just making mac-and-cheese, blessing the pot and stirring it in a figure-eight form can help it feel more sacred to you and thus more meaningful, instead of a chore or an annoyance. Either way of doing it doesn’t take any extra time, but the way you do it changes everything. We can transform everything moment by moment if we’re just aware of what we’re doing.”

A crucial practice for Kara that helps her develop this sense of presence is mindfulness, which she started practicing thanks to her work on television.

“For about ten years, I used to do a story every week for a show I hosted called Kara’s Cures. It was focused on sharing simple ways to make life better. I interviewed moms, gurus, doctors, you name it. And I couldn’t count the number of times I was told I needed to learn to meditate. So I did.”

Kara swears by the mindfulness practice she’s developed and is enthusiastic about showing others how they can develop similar skills.

“My daily morning meditation helps make my daily grind more sacred. I don’t feel grounded or prepared unless I do that in the morning. So I get up a little early in the morning before everyone else because I so look forward to just being and not having to do something the moment I wake up.”

Her work and interests led her to Copper Beech Institute, where she met Brandon Nappi and partook in a mindful labyrinth walk.

“I eventually did a story with Brandon Nappi on Copper Beech Institute. We walked labyrinth and he instructed me to “just walk”, without doing anything else. How novel, right? I loved that guidance.”

Kara’s relationship with Copper Beech Institute has only continued to deepen over time. Last fall, she hosted the Institute’s Harvest Celebration, its largest event of the year.

“Brandon asked me to MC [the Harvest Celebration] and I said “absolutely!” I loved it and I love shining a light on a bright spot in our state. I had a great time doing it last year and I look forward to coming back to help with it again.”

When asked what she loves about Copper Beech Institute, Kara answered, “I love that it is so convenient, right here in West Hartford. People can easily go for free to walk the labyrinth, without an appointment, and take a break from their busy lives. People want to feel nourished, and Copper Beech is a great space for that. It meets people where they are, whatever background they’ve come from.”

Join Kara and the rest of the Copper Beech Institute team at the upcoming Harvest Celebration event, happening Saturday, November 10th from 6:30-9:30 PM.

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