Contemplative practice is about inner discovery and outer connection to the people we share our lives with. We learn to enter each moment fully, living from our deepest values and reconnecting to what’s most important to us. We learn to find the courage to meet each moment as it is and offer compassion to those around us. Join us on our journey of human flourishing.

A Growing Mindfulness Community in Connecticut

Mindfulness is something we nurture together through enduring practices that help us be present and experience life without judgement. It helps us to more fully embody compassion, forgiveness and grace in everyday interactions, which also allows those around us to grow. This circle of caring influence is why Copper Beech Institute focuses on building a rich community of mindfulness practitioners in Connecticut, who believe that a more compassionate world is possible.

Our teachers also take the time to perform community outreach, working with groups in need so they may learn how to live with greater mindfulness and compassion. By journeying through mindfulness practice and self-inquiry together, we can create lives of deep awareness, intention and purpose.