You’re seeking more than work-life balance—you want whole-life balance, with the ability to prevent stress from overshadowing your work, your relationships with coworkers and, most importantly, yourself. Contemplative practice can help you find more peace and joy in your work, as well as in your personal life. And through the generosity of the Hemera and Aetna Foundations, Copper Beech can help you find more peace and joy in your professional life with our Contemplative Fellowship programs.

Breathe New Life Into Your Professional Practice and Everyday Life

Copper Beech Institute’s Contemplative Fellowships were established to help artists, educators, healthcare professionals and nonprofit professionals explore the healing power of mindfulness and meditation practice. These fellowships for professionals provide full and partial financial support to professionals who are eager to experience our programs but could otherwise not afford them.

Our fellowships for professionals include several overnight retreat options for you to choose from. You’ll focus on practices most relevant to you, so that you may embody greater calm, thoughtfulness and compassion, both on and off the job. The tools you’ll take with you can also help you bring mindful attention to your work and workplace, and transform your professional experiences for the benefit of everyone around you.

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Contemplative Fellowship Opportunities at Copper Beech


Hemera's Contemplative Fellowships for Educators (CFE)

This fellowship is for educators who are compelled to shape a positive classroom and school culture through mindfulness, and are currently working full-time in a pre-K or K-12 setting or are enrolled in a master’s degree program for education.


Hemera's Contemplative Fellowships for Healthcare Professionals (CFHP)

This fellowship is for medical professionals who want to extend the qualities of mindfulness into their professional lives and improve workplace culture. This includes full-time professionals in a healthcare field, students in healthcare, medicine and nursing programs and master’s level clinicians.


Hemera's Tending Space Fellowships for Artists

This fellowship is for full-time artists whose professions directly relate to their art-making practice. Artists should also be interested in nurturing their creative practice of seeing things as they are, and allowing that greater awareness to inspire their art and lives.


Aetna's Contemplative Fellowships for Nonprofit Professionals

This fellowship is available for all professionals from nonprofit organizations, who are inspired by the compassion and peace found in mindfulness practice and would like to bring these qualities to their professional lives and workplace culture.

Scholarship Opportunities at Copper Beech Institute


In addition to our fellowships, we offer generous need-based scholarships for all of our programs.