The fruit of mindfulness practice is the spirit of selfless generosity—the willingness to contribute to the well-being of others. We are deeply blessed by the many ways members of our community give generously to our programs. Thank you for supporting the mission of Copper Beech.

Support a Local Nonprofit, Dedicated to the Surrounding Community

The spirit of selfless generosity lies at the heart of everything we do at Copper Beech Institute; from the ongoing programming we bring to the community, including free-will offering meditation groups, to serving populations who have significant exposure to poverty, trauma and violence. Through the generous nature of our many members and community supporters, we are able to bring healing and compassion to the world.

From time and talent to advocacy and funding, there are many ways you can support Copper Beech. We have several volunteer opportunities available at our campus, as well as numerous ways to provide financial support. Please join us in creating a future where mindfulness and contemplative practice are transforming education, healthcare, business, government and every level of society, affecting a healing shift in how we relate to one another and the earth.

Thoughts from Community Members on Supporting Copper Beech


I support Copper Beech because of their commitment to cultivating deep-rooted resilience in vulnerable communities through contemplative practice. I appreciate how the secular approach to well-being honors the wisdom and generative power of the human spirit to restore hope and healing through our own agency, awareness, and action.

- Rachel Roth


We are happy to support Copper Beech and share in their commitment to create a space where people are able to practice and teach mindfulness to a wider community. We enjoy the variety of programs and speakers, the beautiful grounds that offer a place to escape and renew and the many opportunities for personal growth.

- Bill and Deb Doran


I believe that well-being, resiliency and kindness are skills that can be developed through the transformative practice of mindfulness. I donate to Copper Beech because the Institute provides a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to familiarize themselves with their vulnerabilities and inner wisdom, and through this exploration cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and compassion.

- Vamsi Koneru, Ph.D.

Norman Anderson.jpg

I decided to become a supporter of Copper Beech Institute after attending a silent retreat there. Not only was the retreat a transformative experience for me, but I also came to appreciate Copper Beech's open, welcoming and inclusive approach to many spiritual and secular traditions, which recognizes that there are many paths to awareness, compassion, presence and wisdom.

- Norman B. Anderson, Ph.D.

Cherishing the Selflessness of Our Donors

We are blessed to be supported by so many organizations and individuals, who believe as we do in the benefits of mindfulness. To see the names of those individuals whose selfless giving is helping us bring healing and compassion to the world, follow the link below.