Course Overview

What makes you happy? Is your happiness dependent on external factors? What happens if those factors change?

Most of us pursue transitory moments of happiness, believing that the right job, partner, material possessions or sensory experience will deliver the lasting satisfaction we seek. But these conditions can and do change, and what was a source of happiness can become a cause of suffering.

What we don’t realize is that real, sustained happiness is an inside job — a product of the qualities of our hearts and minds, not the things we acquire or the circumstances in which we find ourselves. In this five-week program, we’ll explore essential Buddhist teachings, including  generosity, virtue, meditation and compassion, and discover how these basic human values, when practiced with intention, have the power to ground us in a life of depth, meaning, connection, and joy that sustains us no matter what comes our way.

Each session will include lecture, meditation, sharing, and Q&A. Between sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to put the teachings to work in your daily life.


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