Established May 2013, Copper Beech Institute applies mindfulness practice to the most challenging issues of our day by offering retreats and trainings to ensure personal well-being, the health of the earth, and the peace of the entire human family. By cultivating the connection between contemplation and compassionate action, Copper Beech Institute strives to awaken us to the fullness of our potential.


At Copper Beech Institute, we envision a future where mindfulness and contemplative practice are transforming education, health care, business, government, and every level of society — bringing about a healing shift in how we relate to one another and the earth.


We cultivate these six virtues as we seek to serve our community and all those who come to our mindfulness retreats and programs.

  1. Contemplative Practice. We welcome a range of formal and informal contemplative practices from ancient and modern traditions as a way of cultivating compassion in our hearts and in the world.
  2. SteadfastnessCultivating awareness is not theoretical; it requires embodied commitment, effort, and deep inner work. We strive to maintain a daily contemplative practice to support our growth in wisdom, awareness and authenticity. 
  3. Openheartedness. The diversity of human experience is limitless, and we strive to offer unconditional acceptance and inclusivity through an attitude of playful exploration, wonder and curiosity about our experience, other people, and the world around us.
  4. Non-Duality. The contemplative mind honors the underlying unity of all things while also appreciating differences. With non-judgmental awareness we can embody paradox and mystery, allowing non-attachment and selflessness to arise.
  5. Self-Exploration. We persistently strive to see our intentions and actions clearly, and seek purity of intention. We are committed to seeking forgiveness when we have caused harm and granting forgiveness when others have harmed us. This path to truth, authenticity, and integrity requires both great courage and gentleness.
  6. Compassionate Action. Supported by contemplative practice, we cultivate compassion first toward our own struggles so that we may radiate loving-kindness and compassion toward all beings. In a spirit of selfless service, we seek to be a guard for those without protection and a lamp for all who need light.


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