Mindfulness in Your Workplace

We are all leading

At Copper Beech Institute we believe in the ancient African proverb- “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”.

People create organizations and businesses in order to make a greater impact, and applying the skills and practices of mindfulness significantly expands our capacity to affect change.

Research from around the globe shows why mindfulness works.

Short Term Benefits

Increase energy level
Override habitual thinking
Make room for new ideas
Foster creativity
Stay calm and maintain focus
Have clarity to solve problems
See the bigger picture

 Long Term Benefits

Arrive with a presence that is powerful, vulnerable, and skillful
Increase productivity
Build stress resilience
Live more fully and less on “automatic pilot”
Improve workplace happiness
Decrease health care costs

You’re in good company

What We Offer

Copper Beech meets you where you are.  From an introductory workshop or a staff retreat, to an online course our Transformative Leadership program, there is something here for you and your team.

Does it work?

More than 10,000 employees participate in a study with Duke university through Aetna’s ‘Mindfulness and Wellness Initiative’ reported:


Reduction in their self-reported stress levels


Percent improvement in their sleep quality


Reduction in pain


Average minutes per week of added productivity

Speaking to the outcomes CEO Mark T. Bertolini says: “We’re different now. Everybody started coming to me with ideas about how we could be better.”

How do we start?

Step 1 -  Email our Leadership & Engagement Director Peter Callahan, PCC, ACC to set up a meeting or call to explore the approach that will work best for you and your organization.

Step 2 - Choose a date for an introductory workshop your team. (Recommended 2 to 4 hours, fee ranges based on non-profit status, team size, and duration.)

Step 3 - Establish a program to inspire your team members to seamlessly incorporate the practices that are the best fit for their unique style and your unique culture.

We are committed to supporting you in creating a sustainable approach to bringing the benefits of less stress, more connection, and a greater sense of wellbeing and shared purpose to your organization.

To learn more or to schedule a program, please email Leadership & Engagement Director Peter Callahan at peter@copperbeechinstitute.org.