Mindfulness is for every aspect of life—for cultivating presence, compassion and connection in the workplace, as well as in the home. And it’s for transforming the way you and your colleagues work, lead and live. Uncover the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace, and awaken your full potential.


Professional Development Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness may be practiced by individuals, but its benefits are felt by everyone. Retreats and programs at Copper Beech Institute open the door to deeper connections and compassion for clients or patients, and between colleges. Mindfulness at work can help for-profit and nonprofit organizations of all sizes cultivate productive, caring and creative workplace cultures.

The practical tools learned through contemplative practice help you and your colleagues shift the way you view and perform your work, as well as transform the lives of those you touch. By working, and living, with purposeful awareness, free from judgment, you’ll awaken creativity, fuel collaboration and demonstrate your care for—and commitment to—those around you.