Copper Beech Staff

We are grateful to our staff whose hard work, commitment and diligence make our vision for Copper Beech Institute a reality. 

Peter Callahan Headshot.jpg

Peter Callahan

Peter Callahan is a leadership & life coach, teacher, facilitator, and community builder. His passion is to teach and empower leaders, students, and professionals to discover and act on their values, pursue work they enjoy and the world needs, and bring deep connection and meaning to their lives. He has a private coaching practice and is the Leadership & Engagement Director at Copper Beech.

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Gabriela De Golia

Gabriela De Golia is the grant writer and blog editor at Copper Beech Institute. She also leads the organization’s story project and helps coordinate diversity and inclusion initiatives. She is a trained social justice educator and previously served as a lay staffer at Blue Cliff Monastery, a mindfulness center in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Her passion lies in fusing spiritual praxis with social justice to heal and transform the world one community at a time.


Lisa Laura

Lisa Laura is a creative marketing consultant & personal coach. She thrives on supporting purpose-driven organizations and leaders uncover and drive their message through brand empowerment, marketing strategies, and creative coaching. She is the Marketing Coordinator at Copper Beech with an expertise in passion work and creativity. In addition to working with Copper Beech, Lisa has a private consulting practice, loves to travel and spend time with her puppy Jake.


Dr. Brandon Nappi

Dr. Brandon Nappi is a spiritual teacher, speaker, and writer who passionately believes in the capacity of the human spirit to awaken. Inspired by the common wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions, he has dedicated his life’s work to sharing the transformative power of mindfulness practice. He founded Copper Beech Institute in 2014 and is the institute’s executive director.  Learn  more about Brandon.


Karen Sevenoff

Karen Sevenoff is the weekend retreat coordinator at Copper Beech and is honored to collaborate with our beloved volunteer staff in cultivating loving support during overnight retreats. Karen teaches yoga at Copper Beech and throughout the area, and works at It’s Only Natural, a vegan restaurant in Middletown. She lives in Middletown with her husband, KindYoga teacher Jamie Wright. Learn more about Karen.

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Amy Urso

Amy Urso is a creative marketer who specializes in writing as well as social media coordination and content creation. Her zeal for the creative process and the written word is the driving force for all of her work. Amy believes in approaching all situations with love and compassion and giving thanks in all circumstances. 

Alexis Vatteroni Headshot.jpg

Alexis Vatteroni

Alexis is Copper Beech Institute’s program administrator. She’s the go-to person and manager for program registrations, preparation, and production, and coordinates the Institute’s fellowship, scholarship, and volunteer programs. Alexis believes in the power of community and life-long learning. She is honored to facilitate the process for students and volunteers alike. In addition to working for Copper Beech, Alexis teaches yoga and meditation locally and is an avid gardener and home cook.