Overnight Retreat with Joanna Curry-Santori & Anna Tansi
July 12, 2019 05:00 PM - July 14, 2019 01:00 PM

IDEAL FOR: All levels including beginners

Many of us find those moments of peace or even have a regular practice to meditate and reflect. And yet, tossed into the speed of daily life, juggling myriad responsibilities, faced with “difficult people”, we might find we lose that sense of calm, clarity, compassion and courage. We say, “I wasn’t myself”, “It was a knee jerk reaction”, “Something just took over”, “Why did I do it again?” So, who or what is driving our lives? How do we access and act from our centered, best self amid dynamic stressors, when someone pushes our buttons, when the rubber meets the road? How do we translate contemplative practice and awareness into daily life, so we lead our lives?

This workshop will dive into these questions. Drawing from emerging brain science and the most impactful psychological constructs, such as Internal Family Systems, we will learn to recognize when we are operating from an optimal state of being and when we are not. We will appreciate what “knocks us off our game”, how our inner system perceives and manages stressors, and how we can learn to choose a constructive response to life challenges. As we develop this self-awareness and relationship with ourselves, we are positioned to approach our relationships with others in a new, more effective way. The goal is to leave this workshop with accessible and practical strategies to shift into your best self, connect compassionately, confidently contribute, and bring forth greater possibilities with each interaction and situation in your daily life.

Tuition is $250 plus accommodations.

Accommodation options:
Commuter - $75
Private Room, Hall Bath - $225
Private Room, Private Bath - $500

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Program Format:
Overnight Retreat

Skill Level:
All Levels

Compassion, Mindfulness

July 12, 2019 05:00 PM

July 14, 2019 01:00 PM

Copper Beech Institute
303 Tunxis Road
West Hartford, CT, 06107 Map It >

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