Increasingly, Copper Beech Institute teachers are being called upon to meet the urgent challenges in schools and communities— rising stress, emotional dysregulation, and attention deficit to name a few. Copper Beech Institute works with organizations and school communities to develop administrators, teachers, parents, and students who are happier, more focused, emotionally regualted, and less affected by stress. Evidence from now thousands of schools shows how a culture of mindfulness is directly correlated to raising test scores, fewer outbursts and incidents, and a more connected, supportive community.

Our expert mindfulness teachers will share some of the cutting-edge neuroscience and guide you in exploring how mindfulness and it’s many approaches to practice can transform the stress, chaos and conflicts into opportunities for connection, creativity and deeper wellbeing. Work and school do not need to be disheartening and burdensome, but can be uplifting and gratifying as we join with our colleagues and community members for a common purpose.

These lively workshops and sessions include teaching, guided exercises, conversation, storytelling and laughter, as well as clear, simple skills and practices that can be applied right away.

Sample Approach

2-Hour PD Day Introduction to Mindfulness Interactive Workshop

W     Acknowledge stressors faced by students and adults and how we are affected.
W     Clarify mindfulness and explore the benefits.
W     Learn about the application of mindfulness in schools and resources for further study.
W     Experience at least three ways to practice mindful pausing.
Investment: $$800-1,850 (Based on group size)

6-Week Online or In-Person Course – Teaching and Leading Mindfully

W Teachers, counselors and staff are invited to join these six 1-hour trainings
W Learn to apply mindfulness in your own life and model it for others
W Develop an understand of simple practices to lead students through
Investment: $150/ per participant or $6,500 for up to 100 participants

1-Hour Weekly Practice – Mindfulness Ambassadors

W     Invite staff and community members to practice with a Copper Beech Master Teacher
W     These sessions include guided practice, teaching, and sharing
W     Initial discussion about how to bring more mindfulness into the school day
Investment: $1,000/ month

*Recommendation: Mindful Moment Room

W     Create a dedicated space for staff, teachers and students to practice or take a break
W     Use soft lighting, have cushions or comfortable chairs, tactile objects, guided practices
W     Can be staffed by rotating Mindfulness Ambassadors, Copper Beech teachers, etc.

After 3-6 Months – Form Mindfulness Committee

W      District leaders and mindfulness ambassadors meet regularly to outline school-wide approach
W      Start small with daily invitations and/or in-class practices
W      Consider outlining some of the metrics and learning objectives and how you will collect them
Investment: Copper Beech Institute welcomes the opportunity to support you based on your budget.

To learn more or to schedule a program, please email Leadership & Engagement Director Peter Callahan at