Interested in learning more about meditation and all of its benefits? Here at Copper Beech Institute, we’ve created a virtual community of practice where people can share meditation together on an ongoing basis. You can listen to previous recordings by clicking the button to theright.


Enjoy our collection of free guided meditations from Copper Beech Institute Master Teachers. To learn more about our in-person program offerings, explore all we offer on our Upcoming Programs page.  

Awareness of Breath


This awareness of breath guided meditation will help anchor you to the present moment.


Working With Powerful Emotions


This guided meditation offers a way to work with difficult emotions in the privacy and comfort of your own space.  


Mindful Eating Meditation

13 noticing.jpg

A short meditation on mindful eating designed to support you in connecting with the natural wisdom of your body and its capacity for pleasure and self-regulation. 


Metta (Lovingkindness) Meditation


A guided metta, or lovingkindness, meditation to affirm love both for ourselves and for others.


Mindful Yoga 1


A guided practice focused on the union between present moment awareness and yoga.


Mindful Yoga 2


Further guided practice focused on the union between present moment awareness and yoga.


Note By Note


Here Marcie Swift, psychologist and therapeutic musician plays “Note by Note,” her own composition created for Copper Beech Institute, where she is a senior faculty member.


Lovingkindness for a Loved One


A guided lovingkindness meditation to send heartfelt love and well wishes to a loved one.


Lovingkindness for Ourselves


A guided lovingkindness meditation to bestow unconditional love upon yourself.


Self-Compassion Break

8 haunted.jpg

A guided meditation break focused on self-compassion.