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2025 MFC begins Feb 7, 2025!
Registration is now open.

Mindfulness Facilitator Certification is an immersive community learning experience that introduces you to a transformative new way of living and teaching mindfulness that is informed and responsive to our ever-changing physical & digital world.


We guide you to dive deeper into your personal practice while leveraging your unique field of expertise through a new mindful lens & framework. Join us in redefining what it means to be a facilitator, as we embrace a holistic vision of mindfulness that extends beyond individual progress to encompass the well-being of all.


Join us for one of our Free Online Information Sessions to learn everything you need to know about this comprehensive training program.


Upcoming Info Session dates include:


  • Tuesday, July 23rd from 6:30 – 7:15 PM



  • Wednesday, September 18th from 6:30 – 7:15 PM 



  • Friday, October 4th from 12:15 – 1 PM 

  • Wednesday, October 16th from 6:30 – 7:15 PM 



  • Friday, November 1st from 12:15 – 1 PM 

  • Wednesday, November 20th from 6:30 – 7:15 PM 



  • Friday, December 6th from 12:15 – 1 PM 


  • Friday, January 10th from 12:15 – 1 PM 

  • Wednesday, January 15th from 6:30 – 7:15 PM


MFC Testimonials
CB_INT107 (1).jpg

If you can breathe with it, you can be with it. And if you can be with it, you can cultivate it. The tools I've acquired through Mindful Facilitation has allowed me to harness the experiences I'm going through and share that with others. Coming to a group like MFC and being with cohorts that accept me truly how I am and for who I am is liberating.

Martha ReA “Sunshine” Nelson


This unique journey is more than a facilitator certification; it's an immersion into a transformative way of living and teaching mindfulness. Our program blends in-person retreats with dynamic online learning to create a deeply interconnected community of practice. Here, you will not only deepen your personal mindfulness practice but also learn to use these practices as powerful tools for social change, healing, and building inclusive communities. Our heart-centered approach emphasizes the collective experience, fostering skills in facilitation that are rooted in empathy, social justice, and a profound understanding of interconnectedness. Join us in redefining what it means to be a facilitator, as we embrace a holistic vision of mindfulness that extends beyond individual progress to encompass the well-being of all.  

The curriculum includes: 

• The rich history and evolving science of mindfulness, with a focus on its role in social change and community healing. 
• The four foundations of mindfulness, framed within the context of interconnectedness and collective empathy. 
• The transformative role of a mindfulness facilitator, emphasizing social responsibility and the creation of inclusive spaces. 

• A variety of mindfulness modalities, each taught as a means to foster community well-being and address societal challenges. 
• The integration of yoga and mindfulness as tools for both personal and communal harmony. 
• Facilitation methodologies that prioritize active listening, compassionate communication, and conflict resolution in diverse groups. 
• The ethical dimensions of mindfulness facilitation, deeply rooted in trauma-informed practices and the creation of safe, accessible environments for all. 
• Experiential learning through hands-on practice, including role-playing and peer review, to cultivate a facilitation style that resonates with social justice and community empowerment. 

Curious to learn more? Join US FOR our next FREE INFORMATION
SESSION ON Friday, July 23rd from 6:30 – 7:15 PM!


Our MFC Program offers a unique and deeply engaging structure, integrating two transformative in-person retreats with regular weekend work blocks that span Friday evenings and Saturdays. This design is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about creating a shared journey of discovery, connection, and growth. 

In-Person Retreats:

These retreats are more than just an introduction and culmination of the program; they are pivotal experiences where participants immerse themselves in mindfulness practices, forge deep connections with their cohort, and explore how these practices relate to broader social and communal contexts. 

Online Weekend Work Blocks:

Our Friday and Saturday sessions are carefully structured to provide a rich blend of mindfulness practice, theoretical exploration, and facilitation skills development. These weekends are designed to facilitate a journey from personal practice to social application, emphasizing how mindfulness can be a transformative force in our communities and beyond. 

A Journey of Community and Service:

Throughout the program, participants will not only deepen their own practice but also learn how to use mindfulness as a tool for social engagement and change. The structure supports a shift from individual understanding to a collective application of mindfulness, preparing participants to facilitate with a focus on inclusivity, compassion, and societal well-being. 


Dates and Hours:  

This training offers a hybrid learning model with “Online Weekend Work Blocks” facilitated through Zoom, as well as two in-person Weekend Retreats. Dates and times are as follows:

Online Weekend Work blocks:
Friday Sessions meet from 7pm - 9pm and Saturday sessions meet from 8am - 4pm (US Eastern Time). The dates are as follows:

  • Module 1: Friday 2/7 and Saturday 2/8 
         (Retreat 1: Friday 2/21 – Sunday 2/23, see retreat start & end times) 

  • Module 2:  Friday 3/7 and Saturday 3/8 

  • Module 3: Friday 3/21 and Saturday 3/22 

  • Module 4: Friday 4/4 and Saturday 4/5 

  • Module 5: Friday 4/25 and Saturday 4/26 

  • Module 6: Friday 5/9 and Saturday 5/10 

  • Module 7: Friday 5/17 and Saturday 5/18 
         (Retreat 2: Friday 5/30 – Sunday 6/1, see retreat start & end times) 

  • Module 8: Friday 6/13 and Saturday 6/14 

  • Module 9: Friday 6/27 and Saturday 6/28 

In-Person Weekend Retreats
(note that an online learning option is available for those who are not local to the area—see FAQ section for more info):  

Retreats begin at 5pm on Friday and close at 1pm on Sunday

  • Retreat 1 - Friday 2/21 – Sunday 2/23 

  • Retreat 2 – Friday 5/30 – Sunday 6/1 



To enroll in our mindfulness facilitator training, we ask that applicants have some foundational curiosity about mindfulness gained through personal experience or introductory courses (such as our Mindfulness 101 course). Additionally, applicants must demonstrate a readiness to delve deeper into developing their personal practice and facilitation techniques. We ask that applicants have a willingness to immerse themselves in practice during the scheduled course time as well as throughout the four months. 

If you are looking for guidance on whether this program is a good fit for you, please reach out to us at  

MEET one of the FACILITATORs:  

Brian - new headshot.png


Brian Thompson is the Director of Community Engagement at Copper Beech Institute. After receiving his Master’s degree in Mindfulness Studies from Lesley University, he has committed to sharing mindfulness and its benefits with the community. A spiritual student with a deep love for practice and expression, he hopes to help others develop their own personal and genuine relationship to mindfulness in a way that rings true for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the training? 

Copper Beech Institute's Mindfulness Facilitator Certification (MFC) Training is designed to cultivate a dynamic and evolving mindfulness practice that is both informed and responsive to the ever-changing physical and digital world. We guide the deepening of individual, personal, practice while leveraging participants' unique fields of expertise through a mindfulness framework. By providing tools and insights to mindfully engage with societal "isms" and technological advances (or advancements), we support individuals becoming facilitators within their community and spheres of influence. Via MFC, we aim to bring mindfulness across diverse domains, ultimately promoting social justice, equity and healing across connected communities. 

What is the style of learning?  
We are forging a learning experience driven by experiential practice and dialogue. Be prepared to have silent retreats, Dharma talks, guided mindfulness and meditation practices, and lots of dialogue and breakout rooms. This training is not a traditional classroom with textbooks and grading. The intention of this program is for the cohort to deepen their personal practice, learn about their practice and themselves, and experience different forms of mindfulness. Another intention is to learn from their peers and develop active listening, hold space for others in times of vulnerability, and experience the space of a retreat. In addition, we will explore the role of the facilitator and dive into the aspects of facilitating mindfulness, cultivating a space of belonging, and becoming trauma-informed. The program is about turning inward toward our own practice first before beginning to facilitate practice for others.  

What can I expect during the online weekend work blocks?  
In the online sessions of the MFC Program, participants will experience a transformative approach to deepening their mindfulness practice, emphasizing its relevance to social interconnectedness and community well-being. These sessions are more than just skill-building; they're an exploration of how mindfulness can be a catalyst for personal growth and social change. Through engaging dialogues, collaborative exercises, and reflective practices, each session is an invitation to integrate mindfulness deeply into one's life and extend its benefits to the broader community. 

Will we have opportunities to practice facilitating mindfulness?  
Our program deeply values the unique expression of each facilitator, and we integrate extensive opportunities for practicing mindfulness facilitation throughout the training. We believe that each individual brings a distinct perspective and style to mindfulness, enriching the practice for everyone. Our aim is not just to impart knowledge and confidence in various mindfulness modalities but also to encourage you to discover and nurture your unique facilitation voice. This personalization fosters a rich, more diverse mindfulness community, allowing for a wide range of experiences and perspectives to be shared and appreciated. 

Do I have to attend all live Zoom calls during the weekend work blocks? 
Yes, we ask that you attend all Zoom calls live. While sessions will be recorded, participation during live scheduled sessions is essential.  In case of illness or emergency, we allow you to miss up to 20% or 19 hours of live online weekend work block sessions (excluding retreats—see below for retreat attendance policy). Missed session(s) must be approved ahead of time with your facilitator, and the content must be made up within two weeks of the missed session(s).

Do you have to attend the two weekend retreats in-person
in order to receive the certification?  

Attendance is mandatory for the duration of both weekend retreats, as the retreats are an imperative part of this immersive training experience. If you have a scheduling conflict during one of these retreat weekends but still wish to participate in the training, please reach out to us for special consideration at  Please also note, that for those who are not local to the area, we are offering an online learning option. Online participation in retreats must be approved ahead of time with Copper Beech facilitators. Please reach out to us at to request more information about eligibility for online participation.

How much of a weekly time commitment is this training? 
The MFC Program's weekly time commitment is thoughtfully structured to be immersive yet respectful of your personal and professional life. Participants can expect: 

> Weekend Work Blocks: These engaging Friday evening and Saturday sessions form the core of our learning experience. They're designed to be deeply interactive, combining mindfulness practice with facilitation skills development. 

> Reflective Homework and Personal Practice: Between each weekend work block (two weeks), anticipate dedicating approximately 3 hours to homework, which averages out to around 15 minutes per day. This involves engaging in readings, reflective writing, and personal mindfulness practice. These activities are designed not only to integrate mindfulness more deeply into your daily life but also to enrich your understanding of its impact on community and societal contexts. 

What is the cancellation policy for this program? 
All deposits are non-refundable. On or before February 8, 2025, participants will have the option to cancel their registration and receive a refund of the amount paid, minus a 25% non-refundable deposit of the total program price. On or after February 9, 2025, no refunds will be permitted for any reason and all program payments must be paid in full no later than 15 days prior to the last day of the program. 

If challenges arise preventing program completion, we ask that participants communicate their intent to withdraw as soon as possible to Copper Beech Institute. Participants who withdraw from the program on or after February 9, 2025 due to any circumstance, may defer their participation to the subsequent cohort in order to complete any missed portions or retake the entire course. No refunds are permitted. 

Will I have access to the facilitators outside of class? 
Yes, we will be available for email and phone contact during designated “office hours” noted in your program schedule at the start of the certification program.  

What can I title myself after completing this training?  
A Mindfulness Facilitator with the acronym: Copper Beech Institute-Mindfulness Facilitator  (CBI-MF1)  

What will I be certified to facilitate? 
As part of our initiative to bring mindfulness to as many communities as possible in a trauma-informed and impactful way, this program will certify you with the tools and skillset to teach fundamental mindfulness principles and practices in spaces where it is being newly introduced—from novice to intermediate practitioners of any age. 


Program Tuition:
Tuition for the 2025 training is $3,400 plus room and board for the two in-person retreats on Friday, February 21st - Sunday, February 23rd, and Friday, May 30th - Sunday, June 1st, 2025.  See below for room and board costs.

Room and Board costs (not included in the above tuition):

  • Commuter: $150 per retreat weekend

  • Shared Bath: $280 per retreat weekend

  • Private Bath: $600 per retreat weekend

This includes all meals throughout the weekend.

Payment Options

Choose between two payment options for the Mindfulness Facilitator Certification: 

Option 1—Pay in Full: Pay the full program fee at enrollment. We are offering an early commitment discount of $250 off! Pay in full by September 30, 2024 and receive a $250 discount. Use discount code MFC250 during checkout. 

Option 2—Payment Plan: Sign up utilizing a payment plan with an initial 25% deposit of the total program price (including tuition and room & board) and automatically scheduled payments occurring every two weeks.  Your bi-weekly payment amounts are calculated at the time of registration based on the date of registration and the final payment deadline. For more information please email us at



Register now and reserve your spot in our 2025 cohort!

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