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Renewal (Day 1 of 7): Youth Empowerment

"Mindfulness is so much about expansion- learning that when something happens, we have so many possibilities. Youth sometimes feel cornered, and when they're given even a single mindfulness session, there's a sense of spaciousness, agency, and ability." ~ Danae Laura, ED 

Last week, as we honored Juneteenth, we invited you to reflect on compassion, beginner's mind, reality, and self-compassion. These reflections are part of our shared journey towards a more mindful, just, and interconnected community. Today, we're excited to bring you along on another journey - the unveiling of our rebrand! 

We're kicking off our CBI Rebrand Daily Challenge, inviting you to engage with a series of short films and updates showcasing our work in promoting mindfulness. Each day, we'll share a themed message with a specific prompt. By engaging with our new content and these daily prompts, you enter a raffle for a chance to win a weekend retreat with our Executive Director, Danae Laura, this December (a $959 value). The more days you participate in the challenge, the more chances you have to win, as each day's engagement with a prompt serves as one entry. One winner will be selected at the end of the challenge and announced in our August Newsletter!

Over the next 7 business days, our themes will cover the spectrum of our work: Youth Empowerment, Educator Support, Our Self-Care Toolkit, Give and Receive, Mindful Leadership in the Community (via MFC), Renaming of the Scholarship Fund, and Our Blog and Newsletter. Each theme offers a unique glimpse into how we're growing and evolving. 

Today's theme is Youth Empowerment. Over the past year, we've served hundreds of young people and trained nearly 200 educators in mindfulness practices. Our approach is both playful and profound: we liken the nervous system to a car with brake and gas pedals, explore emotions as bodily experiences, and help youth recognize their "monkey mind." Through these practices, we've witnessed countless moments of empowerment and deep connection. 

We invite you to watch our short film about youth work and share your thoughts. Today’s raffle entry prompt is simply to comment on the video (on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram) with a line or phrase that resonates with you. Join us in this celebration of growth, mindfulness, and community. Your engagement helps us create positive change, one mindful moment at a time. 



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