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Renewal (Day 2 of 7): Educator Support

"The thing is that we're not going to be perfect, right? We're just going to make our way in the world, and do our best. Our relationships matter. Our choices and words matter. So when we do misstep what does that mean for our practice? What is our relationship with ourselves that allows us to interact with a moment of a mistake, or a moment of imperfection so that we feel at ease enough with having been imperfect to go back and address it." ~ Danae Laura, ED

If you missed yesterday's youth short film, don't worry - there's still time to watch and enter our exciting raffle! Today, we're shifting our focus to another crucial aspect of our work.

We believe that by introducing mindfulness to educators, administrators, and parents, we create an environment where youth are encouraged to pause, breathe, and connect with their inner world. This cultivation of mindfulness empowers both adults and young people to access the power of choice.

Our CBI Rebrand Daily Challenge continues, offering you the chance to win a weekend retreat with our Executive Director, Danae Laura (a $959 value). Here's how it works: each day of the challenge, we'll share themed content with a specific engagement prompt. Every time you engage with a daily prompt, you earn one entry into the raffle. The more days you participate, the more chances you have to win! One lucky winner will be selected at the end of the challenge and announced in our August Newsletter.

Today's theme is Educator Support.

Over the past year, we've trained nearly 200 educators, bringing mindfulness into schools and community-based organizations (CBOs). Our approach is unique: we emphasize the importance of educators tending to their own nervous systems as the most effective way to impact youth environments.

As our lead facilitator, Brian Thompson, explains, "We help educators locate mindfulness tools, and understand how much power they have in modeling behaviors—instead of attempting to 'control' kids or 'force' them to do anything." We encourage trainees to approach teaching with "gentleness, curiosity, and a willingness to explore."

We invite you to watch our short film on Educator Support. To enter today's raffle challenge, simply comment on the video (on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram) with a line or phrase that resonates with you. Remember, each day you participate increases your chances of winning the retreat! Your support of CBI makes all of this possible, and we're deeply grateful for your engagement, and donations to our community.



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