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Renewal (Day 3 of 7): Our Self-Care Toolkit

Pictured Above: Emergency services provider receiving mindfulness training via our Self-Care Toolkit.

"Mindfulness makes it possible to re-center as long as we give ourselves the opportunity to do it. A lot of our work is about shifting the culture so that the leaders are practicing with the team in general, and so that there's the introduction of the pause — the encouragement of that. That shift — so that people know it's a tool, and then turn to the tool — that is really key." ~ Danae Laura, ED 

Welcome to Day 3 of our CBI Rebrand Daily Challenge! After exploring Youth Empowerment and Educator Support, today we're diving into our workforce training Self-Care Toolkit, highlighting our people-first approach to workplace culture. 

We're thankful for partners who trust us to transform their teams. At CBI, we believe in redefining productivity through team wellness and connectivity, using mindfulness to optimize workplace dynamics. 

Our CBI Rebrand Daily Challenge continues, offering you the chance to win a weekend retreat with our ED, Danae (a $959 value). Here's how it works: 

  • Each day, we share themed content with a specific engagement prompt 

  • Every engagement earns you one raffle entry 

  • More participation means more chances to win 

  • One winner will be selected at the end of the challenge and announced in our August Newsletter 

Today's theme is Our Self-Care Toolkit. 

Over the past year in our pilot cohorts, we trained 100+ Hartford City Employees in the Health and Human Services, Youth and Recreation, Library, Police, and Fire departments — bringing mindfulness into the public sector.

Our 8-week Toolkit program delivers practices that ease tension and connect participants to what makes them feel "most alive". As our lead facilitator Brian Thompson shares, we focus on accessing "things that stimulate us, that make us feel alive, that leave us feeling energetic or good in our body and good in our mind — then we have this potential space to lean in." Our program instills practitioner trust in themselves, helping each individual find the mindfulness practice that works best for them. 

We invite you to watch our short film on our Self-Care Toolkit. To enter today's raffle challenge, simply comment on the video (on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram) with a line or phrase that resonates with you. Remember, each day you participate increases your chances of winning the retreat! 

Your support and engagement make all of this possible. We're deeply grateful for your contributions and donations to our community.  



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