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Renewal (Day 4 of 7): Giving + Receiving

Pictured Above: Executive Director, Danae Laura, and MFC trainee, Martha-Rea (Sunshine) Nelson practice giving and receiving.

“The Asian practice of metta (lovingkindness) demonstrates the profound benefits of giving. A Yale University pilot study (Kang et al., 2014) revealed that lovingkindness meditation—directing phrases like 'may you be well' or 'may you be safe' towards images of Black faces—effectively reduced racial bias in practitioners. This practice of intentional well-wishing worked to address inherited biases, showing how the act of giving positive thoughts can replace negative patterns with genuine care." ~ Danae Laura, ED 

Welcome to Day 4 of our CBI Rebrand Daily Challenge

Today, we're exploring the interconnected power of Giving + Receiving, and how, through the lens of mindfulness, these acts become a beautiful cycle of mutual benefit. 

Our CBI Rebrand Daily Challenge continues, with the chance to win a weekend retreat with our Executive Director, Danae (a $959 value). Here's a reminder of how it works: 

  • Daily themed content with specific engagement prompts 

  • Each engagement earns one raffle entry 

  • More participation increases your chances of winning 

  • One winner will be announced in our August Newsletter 

Today's theme is Giving + Receiving

Giving as Receiving: Metta illustrates the neurological benefits of giving. Our brains are wired for connection, and when we practice generosity - through words, acts, thoughts, or donations - we're not just benefiting the recipients. The ancient wisdom of mindfulness teaches us that cultivating generosity reverberates through our entire being, amplifying this quality while reducing attention towards other qualities (such as scarcity for example). To all who give, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. 

Receiving as Giving: While we'll delve deeper into our scholarship fund in the coming days, it's worth noting that our community members who allow themselves to receive, give us the opportunity to amplify generosity within ourselves. To all who receive, we are profoundly thankful. 

At Copper Beech Institute, Giving + Receiving is intricately woven into our work through diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Social justice is about the ways systems manage resources, and about restructuring those systems. By providing access to wellness through grant funding and individual donations, we're committed to breaking down barriers for those who are marginalized and often excluded from self-care opportunities, shifting wellness from a luxury to a benefit available for all. 

We're here together, in community. We invite you to visit our homepage to find your button for today — I am abundant, I give or I am supported, I receive. To enter today's raffle challenge, simply comment "Give + Receive" on the Day 4 post (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn). 

Remember, each day you participate increases your chances of winning the retreat! 

Remember, each day you participate in the CBI Challenge increases your chances of winning the retreat, and each moment you engage in metta practice replaces negative thought patterns with positive care.  



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