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Renewal (Day 6 of 7): Mindful Leadership in the Community (via MFC)

Pictured Above: Kay Mello, MFC Graduate '24 on retreat.

"Drawing inspiration from leaders like Audrey Tang—the former Taiwanese Minister of Digital Affairs who has used her expertise, decision-making power, and design ability to unite people and highlight overlapping values — our Mindfulness Facilitator Certification provides a platform for diverse individuals to come together, refine their leadership skills, and shape their vision for community transformation." ~ Danae Laura, ED   

Welcome to Day 6 of our CBI Rebrand Daily Challenge! 

To date, we've empowered youth, supported educators, cared for the community with our toolkit, and explored the power of giving and receiving. Today, we unveil our short film about our Leadership in the Community initiative via our Mindfulness Facilitator Certification (MFC). 

Imagine a leadership program that builds on each participant's expertise, training them to view their field and community through a mindfulness lens. Picture a program that equips participants with mindfulness practices and facilitation skills to effectively introduce mindfulness to newcomers, while promoting an understanding of social justice, inclusion, and living/teaching in a digital age. That is our MFC program! 

Mindfulness Facilitator Certification (MFC) is an immersive community learning experience that introduces participants to a transformative new way of living and teaching mindfulness, informed and responsive to our ever-changing physical and digital world. We guide participants in deepening their personal practice while leveraging their unique expertise through a new mindful lens & framework. You're invited to join us on July 12th at 12:15pm for our first Info Session leading up to our 2025 training. Learn how CBI is redefining what it means to be a facilitator, embracing a holistic vision of mindfulness that extends beyond individual progress to encompass the well-being of all. 

Through MFC, Copper Beech Institute promotes healing across connected communities. 

Building on our partnership with the City of Hartford, we've expanded our reach this year. We've trained public sector leaders alongside dedicated community members, all driven by their personal connections to mindfulness. The result? A powerful cohort ready to weave mindfulness into the community's fabric in innovative and meaningful ways. See what they have to say

Our CBI Rebrand Daily Challenge continues, offering you the chance to win a weekend retreat with our Executive Director, Danae (a $959 value). Here's how it works: 

  • Each day, we share themed content with a specific engagement prompt 

  • Every engagement earns you one raffle entry 

  • More participation means more chances to win 

  • One winner will be selected at the end of the challenge and announced in our August Newsletter 

We invite you to watch our short film on our Mindfulness Facilitator Certification (MFC). To enter today's raffle challenge, simply comment on the video (on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram) with a line or phrase that resonates with you. Remember, each day you participate increases your chances of winning the retreat! 

Your support of CBI makes all of this possible, and we're deeply grateful for your engagement and donations to our community. 



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