Worth the Trip

Quite simply, I would not hesitate to drive the almost four-hour trip from Central New York to Copper Beech to experience the serenity, beauty and soul of this Institute again.
— Overnight Retreatant

Feels Like Home

—Jessie Wei, M.D.

A Place to Grow

Being at a Copper Beech Institute retreat is to be swept away into waves of generosity, thoughtfulness and opportunities for growth and change in heart, mind and spirit
— Overnight Retreatant

A Relaxing Afternoon

I am so relaxed and peaceful I am not sure how I will drive home! A great afternoon, thanks! Today’s workshop was very beneficial in assisting me in my journey of renewal.
— Day Retreatant

Life Changing

Thank you for a life-changing experience. In a way, I feel as if the winds have changed course and I am heading towards a more balanced life with greater equanimity and peace.
— Carina Jimenez, MBSR Graduate

A Unique Peace

I come to Copper Beech to dive deeper into my meditation practice and for the connection of community. Everyone is authentic, nothing is commercial, and there is a peace here unlike any other place I’ve been.
— Dr. Moshe Laub, Candlelight Meditation Group


Copper Beech Institute is not really an institute. It’s a haven, a heaven, a home — a peaceful space to nourish your soul, meet kindred spirits and learn the art of compassion.
— Jody Serber, Candlelight Meditation Group

Unplug and Reconnect

I encourage everyone to unplug for a weekend to reconnect to self — and to learn about love, compassion and kindness for oneself and for others. Thank you for a soul-impacting weekend!
— A Scholarship Recipient

A Lively Place to Teach

It’s wonderful to experience the warmth and hospitality of everyone at Copper Beech. It makes it a lively place to teach and practice.
— Sharon Salzberg

Attendees Matter

I absolutely love teaching in this space as I know that each of my attendees will be surrounded by thoughtful care and treated as if their time and their passions are precious
— Maria Sirois, Psy.D.

Support for All

I enjoy teaching retreats and MBSR courses at Copper Beech Institute because of the sincere intention to support teachers and participants in every way possible.
— Sharon Gutterman, Ph.D.