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who we are

We are a global community of educators, creatives, change-makers, helpers, and healers dedicated to the mending and repair of societal harms. From Weekly Meditation Practices for all, to our BIPOC Affinity Group, as well as immersive Retreats, in-school Youth Sessions, Workplace Self-Care Toolkits, and Facilitator Certifications — it is our goal to empower communities through leaders of all ages, equipping them with the life affirming tool of mindfulness. Through practice, study, and reconnecting each other with the things that matter most, we hearten ourselves and commit to the wellbeing of future generations.
We create our programs to help cultivate presence, compassion, resilience and joy.  
All are welcome here! 🧡 

“I felt connected to the community and empowered by the content of the weekend, from the presenter to the guidance from the yoga and meditation teachers. I was able to disconnect from technology and life stress and focus solely on my health and wellbeing, as well as engage in meaningful dialogue with other participants. I felt validated at every turn and felt embraced by the experience.”

— Overnight Retreat Guest

CT Mindfulness Non-Profit

Copper Beech Institute is a community dedicated to mindfulness practice, compassionate action, and social justice in our interconnected world. We are committed to dismantling oppressive and racist systems by creating transformative learning experiences where differences are cherished and all voices are heard. Collaboration with communities most impacted by trauma, poverty, and oppression is at the heart of our work.


Healing + justice statement

Copper Beech Institute (CBI) believes that the pursuit of justice and the practice of contemplation are intrinsically linked journeys that contribute to the liberation of all beings. To this end, we seek to dismantle systems of oppression and to further healing and justice within and beyond our walls. We recognize that as a result of historically and intentionally constructed systems, many groups, specifically Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), have been excluded from various spaces, including mindfulness and meditation communities. As a community that values awareness, connection, transformation, open-heartedness, and compassionate action above all else, we strive to cultivate an environment where healing and justice is possible for all. 

Mindfulness Meditation Community


An inclusive, compassionate and peaceful world where mindfulness and contemplative practices are transforming not only individual lives, but also society and the wider world we occupy.



Awareness is at the heart of our practice. We welcome a range of practices, from formal to informal, as a way of cultivating non-judgmental awareness within ourselves and within the world. We invite daily contemplative practice to support wisdom, balance, and wonder.

Open heartedness

An open heart appreciates the full breadth of human experience. We welcome a diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, and belief systems so that we may share and learn from one another. 


Connection and fellowship are core to our mission. Community bridges mindfulness and compassionate action, amplifies the positive effects of our practice, and helps us to heal not only individually but collectively. 

Compassionate Action

We are a community that cultivates compassion toward all beings. In a spirit of service and generosity, we seek the well-being of all people.  

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